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Freedom is Priceless

This creation was something that popped into my head while in isolation.  I suppose it is not such a surprise that my mind turned to chains while I was being contained.  

Essentially this is about 15 six pence rings linked together into a chain bracelet.  Even the clasp is a six pence.  I love it!  I wear mine everyday all day and night.  One of the most comfortable pieces I have ever made, and their is not a chance your breaking it.  If it survives life with me,  it will be fine out in the real world.  

I can make it to different lengths to accommodate different wrist sizes.   The standard size is 20cm in length.  If you need a different one, just put a note in with the order.



Welcome to Fork-Out

Hi, Simon here. Hope you like my little site. Everything is made by me from recycled old cutlery and coins. Any questions or ideas don't hesitate to get in touch.