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Sea Glass Coin Rings

If you are not sure what sea glass is welcome to something I find enchanting.  It is man made glass that somehow broke and got into the sea.   The ocean then tumbles it over and over for years.  The waves and sand smooth all the sharp edges making it incredibly tactile.  A man made creation that nature does what it does best on.
So although it may not be a precious material, it is something that takes over 30 years to be made.  And then somehow found on a beech. Obviously it comes in a variety of colour but some colours are more common than others.  Orange for example is the rarest, so little orange glass has been produced. 
This selection of rings are all complete one offs.   I cant find another exact piece of sea glass.. That is part of the beauty of them being completely unique.  I also cannot resize most of these rings.  Once i have set the sea glass onto the coin they become set that size.
If the one you love is not the right size then please feel to get in touch.  It cant make you exactly the same ring but we can go about making you your own piece just for you.

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Hi, Simon here. Hope you like my little site. Everything is made by me from recycled old cutlery and coins. Any questions or ideas don't hesitate to get in touch.