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What is my returns Policy?

I will accept returns on all my work as long as it is not a commision. I understand that it can be difficult to shop online when you can not see things in person.  I will offer full refund upon return of the item.  I will not however refund the postage costs.

Is the jewellery silver or silver plated?

The majority of the pieces on my website are silver plated.  I can make most of the things you see in sterling silver but naturally the price is considerably different.  Sometimes people are put off by the thought that the jewellery is silver plated, this is all too often because they are making comparisons to other silver plated jewellery they have bought in the past.  The difference between my work and the cheap rubbish you by on holidays is that my silver plated raw material was made to handle a life time of wear.  Almost all of the cutlery i use is over a 100 years old.  The plate has lasted this long, so will undoubtedly last longer than all of us.  

 Everything i make has my lifetime gurantee.  If any of my work ever needs to be replated then i will happily do so free of charge.  The same goes for polishing, not many of us have servants to do these things.  If you have worn your bracelet everyday for years and its looking like its had a hard life, i will happily be the help and polish the piece so it looks like new again.


Please find return address and instructions at the bottom of this page

What is the colour of the jewellery?

As the name “Silverware” suggests they are are silver in colour.  However the lighting in the photos can be misleading.  The high polish reflects the lights I use and it sometimes gives them a golden hue.  


Can the bracelets be adjusted in size?

Yes all of the bracelets can be adjusted.  With a little bit of force you can open and close the bracelet so that it easier to slide the piece on and off the wrist.  If the wrist is particularly small or large then if you let me know  upon ordering and I can try and accommodate you when making the piece.

Can the rings be adjusted in size?

I make all of the rings to order and the rings can be adjusted in size.  It does help to tell me the size required when ordering but i understand that it might give the surprise away.  If the ring needs adjusting at a later date it can be done, all i ask is you cover the return postage costs.

Do i engrave?

Yes it is possible to engrave some of my work.  It is not always possible to engrave everything that I make.  Cutlery jewellery is far from a science, so sometimes things are just not possible.   If you wish to ask me about a possible commision then please email me at Simon@fork-out.co.uk.  I can then advise you on whether it is possible and the costs involved.  Please bear in mind that engraving also adds to the time involved.


Can i send you my own silverware to be turned into jewellery?

Yes of course you can! These are the pieces I love and hate to make in equal measures.  I started down this crazy world of cutlery contortion by turning my late grandmothers silverware into jewellery for each one of my family members to wear.  I love that we all wear something that used to belong to my grandmother.  I wear it almost everyday and i guess it’s the closest I will ever get to holding grandma’s hand again.  The reason I also hate it is because things can go wrong.  As I said before cutlery jewellery is not a science, and sometimes a piece of cutlery will just not behave.   Sometimes a spoon bowl can split instead of flattening, sometimes a fork tine will break instead of bending.   These are the nature of it but i can generally always adapt the design if things go wrong.  The piece will always come out unique regardless. If you would like to discuss a commission like this, please email a photo of the silverware and what you think you would like it made into, I can then advise on what is possible.



Please ensure that any items being returned and packaged securely. I do not mind what service you return the jewellery with but note it is at your own risk.  If you are returning a ring for resize then please include with it a clear with a note saying…..

Who the ring is from

What address the ring is to be returned too

What size the ring is to be.  Uk ring size’s are from A -Z

I send resizes Royal mail 2nd class signed, costing £4. You can pay via bank transfer Paypal or cheque, do not send cash in the post.  Please let me know how and when you have paid via email.

Cheques to be made to “Simon Says Fork Out”

Transfer via Paypal to Simon@fork-out.co.uk

Online bank transfer to account number #48190160  sort code: 30-91-85


Return address:

Simon Says Fork-Out

Dunnock Cottage

Pan Lane

East Hanningfield





Email: Simon@fork-out.co.uk

Mobile: 07771923945  (call at reasonable times, not weekends.  if i do not answer then please leave a message and i will return the call)

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Hi, Simon here. Hope you like my little site. Everything is made by me from recycled old cutlery and coins. Any questions or ideas don't hesitate to get in touch.