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If you want to get in touch for any reason, such as checking up on an order or commissioning me to make a particular piece for you, then feel free to send an email to   Please keep in mind that I am a one man operation.  Sometimes it takes me some time to get round to all of the emails and requests I receive.  I am also on the road a lot and this means that I cannot always answer everyone's questions or requests straight away.

You can also find me on my Facebook page.  However if you want to contact me about work please use my email.  Im not that great at regularly checking facebook. 

I also have a phone in my workshop that you can reach me on Tuesday - Friday 10am-6pm  :- 07771923945   

Please note if i do not answer your call it is because I am busy.  I am not ignoring you just not playing secretary and blacksmith all at once.  Im old school if you want to speak to me call me, thumbs are for holding mallets not texting :)



Welcome to Fork-Out

Hi, Simon here. Hope you like my little site. Everything is made by me from recycled old cutlery and coins. Any questions or ideas don't hesitate to get in touch.