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Simon Says Fork-Out

Thanks for stopping by to check out my company "Simon Says Fork-Out". 

My company is based in the heart of Essex countryside and run from my little workshop. I like to think that my work is a small assault on the throwaway society we live in. We are often too reliant on what is new, just because it is new, and discard what is old, just because it is old.  We often fail to see the value in things from our past. That something was owned by someone else doesn't mean it has no use; it means it has a history that we can be a part of.

To this end, I love taking discarded cutlery from the past and with some time, patience, and no little elbow grease, turn them into things that can be enjoyed in the present. They can stop being seen as artifacts and start a new life as adornments.

I hope you will enjoy the weird and wonderful creations that I make. 



Welcome to Fork-Out

Hi, Simon here. Hope you like my little site. Everything is made by me from recycled old cutlery and coins. Any questions or ideas don't hesitate to get in touch.