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Crystal Clear One Shilling Ring

  So pleased with how this piece came out.  It is such a lovely elegant piece.  Its not very often that I come across a piece pf sea glass that is so balanced in its shape and size.    A clear almost perfect oval, just screaming to made into something special forever.

  I have turned a sterling silver one shilling coin from 1933 into a UK size K.   I carefully then hand cut a chunk of the ring out that can fit the silver bezel for the stone.. once the bezel is soldered in place it is ready for me to set the stone so it can never become one with the piece.

  I loved it in silver but because the stone is beautiful and clear i felt like the silver did not compliment it enough.  So i have entirely plated the whole piece in 24k gold.   Please don't worry about the plating , it if ever wears off then i will re-plate the piece for free.  Everything I make has a lifetime guarantee.

   This ring is a complete one off.  

   If you love the colours and style but it is not the right size then please feel free to contact me if you would like me to make you a custom pieces for you.   I cant make it exactly the same but we can pick a coin of a specific year and you can pick the sea glass you would like me to you use. 

   A one off made just for you! 

Please note that if you order the ring and it does not fit right I will refund upon return.  If you are unsure of your ring size then their are guides online on how to access it.




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