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Bee All You Can Be!

I have been dying to show you all this piece. You all know Bees have been occupying my mind for some time. They have influenced my life and therefore my designs.

This piece has gone through several stages of evolution. Each time, I learnt and realised how I needed to improve it. Its not very often that I hold my hands up and say "I am proud of that". Being my own biggest critic forces me to get better. But today on World Bee day, I am stating this piece is complete and the best I have ever done....for now!

Each intrinsic part of this necklace is hand cut from a coin. The Honeycomb are old pennies, the honey is formed from thrupenny bits, and the bees are created from sixpence.

Hope you like it. If you do, please like and share. And more importantly take care of the bees!


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